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Josh, LRT

Chief Technology Officer
(SriKom Group: Sri Komputer Sdn. Bhd. & 2001 Computer (M) Sdn. Bhd.)

I4.0 Technologies Trainer & Technical Consultant
(Sabah Skills and Technology Centre)

I4.0 Tech-Infra Engineer (Freelance)
(Field Expertise under Inwinteck | Cogent Networks On-Site or Remote Projects)

Graduate Research Assistance | Head of Laboratory
(Centre for Advanced Big Data and Cloud Computing #CABDACC, Universiti Malaysia Sabah)

AIO Technology Infrastructure Services | IIoT | Enterprise Networking | Data Security | Hosting | ERP | Blockchain | R&D

Expertise in Future Internet Technology, IoT Engineering, PHP Development, Cyber Security, Blockchain Application Engineering, Computer Services & Repair. Having more than 10 years experiences in computer repair, diagnostic, network solutions, network setup & configurations, hosting, operating system and application supports. Major in contracted projects such as system development, system integration, e-commerce setup and deploy, web development, IoT application design, network solution, cryptography, data security, machine protection and computer science @ ICT related consultation.Experience in various programming - COBOL, C Families, JAVA, PHP, HTML5, JS, Python, R, Processing, VB (Macro). Experience in system architecture planning and design - Network architecture, OS architecture, Software architecture, Database architecture and Integration of multi-relational system or technology. Experience in electrical wiring, power supply control and design, surveillance system, monitoring dashboard design and cross-platform IoT solution. Certified CISCO & HUAWEI Routing and Switch, Software Testing related skills with certification by Hewlett Packard & Micro Focus. Virtual training, Advance level of Mindstorm NXT Robotics training and Electronics PIC training.

I am a Malaysian born in Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur in the 20th century. I'm an active Postgraduate Candidate (MSC Comp. Sc.) proceed at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS). My research focus is Future Internet Architecture (Named-Data Networking), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Networking Security & Threats, Biometric Security (Real-Time Facial Detection & Recognition), etc.

Besides that, I am attached to the local technology infrastructure and solution provider company - SoftNet Solutions Com SDN. BHD. and work as a contracted Chief Project Engineer. Previously, I had been undergone six months of my industrial training at Prestige Atlantic Asia (2017) as a Full Stack Software Developer and obtained my very first B.Comp Sc. (Hons) Software Engineering (2018).

I am a determined, inexpugnable, and elusive guy. I like to involved in challenging activities which fulfilled physical, emotional, and spiritual. Therefore, I had joined the Reserve Officer Training Unit and served as an army officer for five years (2014 - 2019). My specialist is Miltary Radio Communication & Technical Support.

In 2008, it was my very first disassemble and assemble with desktop computers with limited resources and then starts exploring command-line programming, operating system, and software applications. At the same time, I begin with the small business within the Cheras area selling limited editions flash drive, customized office/ multimedia / gaming desktops, and provide computer software installation, setup, configurations, and repair services.

In 2009, the services that I provided were extended to home and SME networking solutions that include ISP routers installation, setup, and configurations. Various software products had been supported and resold as 3rd party (friends and relatives). Once the business is on track, I started to host my first blog with Google related to information technology news focuses on Internet threats, penetration testing (education purposes), Macro Programming (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), AJAX Programming, HTML and Macromedia Flash Development.

In 2010, I started to explore the online flash application and desktop VB applications hacking, HEX injection and modify memory values with the open-source engine. At this year, I start to involved in professional document publishing using LaTeX scripting to produce quality PDF with preset formatting, copyrights issue and watermark protections over public document repository such as Slide Share and Scribd. Besides, I am also interested in multimedia production and get involved in photo enhancement, multi-photo colleges, music video production, short clip productions, montage production, etc. Furthermore, I also worked as a robotics researcher during my high school under the supervision of an Electrical & Electronics Engineer — (cienceTech Education Sdn. Bhd.) before I continue in STPM (A-Level). A transformation of traditional lego robotics had replaced with a PIC microcontroller. Many syllabus and lessons had been introduced by myself and proceeded in a school holiday program in SJK (C) Lee Rubber.

My last job before entering university was to work as an educator and RDBMS Administrator back in 2014, who brings technology SJK (C) Naam Kheung — being the 1st teacher who applies interactive web technology for teaching and SAP modules development for administrative purposes. I had developed a platform for students' parents and guardians to monitoring and assist their children in completing the homework and assessments with various creative methods. Some games and quizzes also developed and compiled to suits the students. Besides, I had made an interactive LAN based application for report generation, receipt automation, printers sharing and monitoring, door access control, and real-time web-based surveillance system monitoring over LTE connection.

In summary, I am equipped with life skills and professional, certified, and validated with practical projects. I am a licensed SERE coach, RSCT Master Trainer, Open Water Scuba Diver, CWST Trainer, 3 Phase Electrical Wiring and Building Circuits Design, Robotics, Automation Technology, Self-Defense, and Military Weapons.